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We have been proudly teaching the people of Norfolk the ways of SUP since 2014.

We have excellent facilities including:

  • Changing facilities
  • Hot showers
  • Tea & Coffee facilities
  • Wetsuits & wind smocks provided
  • All the equipment provided
  • Safety boats & first aiders on hand at all times
  • Central Location close to Norwich City Centre
  • Non- tidal, flat water in a controlled, safe environment.

Lesson Vouchers available from our SUP Shop. Simply purchase the required amount of lessons and retain the receipt. Once you are ready to take the plunge just get in touch and we will book you in!


For more info please drop us an email.

BSUPA Level 1 Ready to Ride

BSUPA Level 1 Ready to Ride

The BSUPA Level 1 “Ready to Ride” course is aimed at adults who have never stand up paddled before or people who have had a go but want to learn the basics properly.

Learning to paddleboard is a fast and fun process with a qualified BSUPA Instructor and BSUPA approved SUP school. The course structure is designed to give you the information you need to get on the water safely, have fun and learn the basic techniques of paddle boarding.


Ready to Ride Card Sample-2cReady to Ride Card Sample-1c

During the course you will be given an introduction to how the weather and environment affects you, how to carry the board and paddle, paddling technique, different types of turns, self rescue, how to fall safely as well as how to plan expeditions and the basics of stance in surf.

The 2 hour course is run in flat water and at the end of it, you will be presented with your BSUPA Level 1 Ready to Ride Certificate.


Cost Per Person £35 Including all the equipment, wetsuits and splash time!

BSUPA Level 2

BSUPA Level 2 Ready to Tour Teaching Scheme

The Aim of this course is to introduce people to the enjoyment of touring and exploring but offer more than an experience. Having completed this course students should feel that they are ready to plan their own adventures and have new skills to improve their time on the water.

Katie & Luke_412The course is ‘skill and knowledge focussed’ aiming to give students a safe way of getting more time on the water.

By the end of this course paddlers should be able to

  • Understand the different locations to paddle and their restrictions, challenges
  • Have knowledge of different touring disciplines and how to get involved
  • Be able to select the best touring equipment for themselves
  • Can demonstrate an improved efficient paddle stroke
  • Can use a variety of strokes to maintain tracking and maneuverability on the water.
  • Can navigate obsticales and third parties afloat taking into account, flow, weather and any other elements.
  • Have knowledge of how to plan a trip taking into account weather, flow, tide, access, 3rd parties, exit options,
  • Have understanding of personal gear you might take with you when touring. Have planned completed and experienced a tour.

The course can be delivered as a series of sessions or a half day to full day course.


Cost Per Person £35 Including all the equipment, wetsuits and splash time!

BSUPA Level 3

BSUPA Level 3 Ready to Surf Teaching Scheme (on request only)

The aim here is to prepare adults to surf safely with consideration to others. Taught in the surf and in a smaller ratio than ready to ride. By the end of this course students should be able to

  • Launch and land in surf and understand how to fall and recover safely.
  • How to be aware of others in the surf zone and how to stop and fall in an emergency.
  • Can get out back
  • Can take off on a wave
  • Understand how to perform basic turns
  • Understand the parts of the wave
  • Kit setup
  • Recover board, paddle and leash when crashing.
  • Understand surfing etiquette
  • Know how to keep progressing in the surf
  • How to get and understand a forecast and where to go next

Cost Per Person £35 Including all the equipment, wetsuits and splash time!

Learn to SUP Bundle £60pp (Levels 1 & 2)

To book simply purchase your lesson’s via the website and then contact us to book your time slot.

Due to the nature of our sport the weather often dictates when we can get on the water for non other than safety reasons so times and dates may often change at a moments notice.

All of our lessons will be advertised on the events section of our Facebook page and is updated daily.

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